We are honored that you are here in search of building your yoga practice.  We offer a beautiful space for you to explore the path of yoga with many well-versed instructors and different styles.

A couple of things before you join us:

  • Please use the link below to view our schedule, create an account, and purchase passes

  • Please reserve your spot from our schedule prior to arriving. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.
    Classes with no reservations 1 hour prior to the start time will be canceled. 

  • Check in with your instructor upon arrival in the studio. Please arrive on time.

  • Props are available to use in the studio. Mats are available, but limited.


At Lotus, we hold each person and their unique healing journey as sacred. We are committed to being examples and inspiring our people to take better care of their bodies, emotional and nervous systems so they can live a life of meaning and purpose.


Stephanie's first introduction to Yoga was around the age of 17 while working at a wellness center in Michigan in 1997ish.  During this time she recognized the many benefits of this practice.  At 19 she traveled to Kripalu for her 200 hour certification and exited the program early due to ill family.  This always being in the back of her head while she journeyed through life, in 2011 she decided to journey to Bali, Indonesia where she received her 200 hour RYT from The School of Sacred Arts.  With her experience in tow she started offering in the small town of Texas, she lived in at the time, and a year and a half later she opened up Lotus here in Ogden.  In between her arrival in Ogden and opening Lotus she studied Trance Dance in 2012 with Shiva Rae in Venice Beach.  In 2016 she spent a month in the jungle of Costa Rica receiving her 300 hour RYT with Tantric Alchemy Institute.  Her main goal as an instructor is to give a heart warming experience for all who arrive on the mat with her.  She knows the true vehicle into the body is the breath and focuses often on Pranayama (breathwork) while offering many cues for not only getting into the physical body, but the energetic as well.  She creates a supportive environment for both new and experienced students....all are welcome!


Monday Yin Yoga - 6:00-7:15pm




500 RYT